Consume English Regularly

The 5th of September is the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa

Read and listen to this simple text about Mother Teresa

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If you are really interested in this topic, you can learn more details from this worksheet.

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International Day of Charity is coming – 5th of September

Listen and read about some well-known charities

Do you have your favorite charity you support?

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Video: Top 10 London Attractions

Which one would you choose to visit?

BBC Words in the News

Watch this video to learn: What’s the meaning of a royal name? And then do the other activities.

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Map of London

Can you find all the famous London sights?



I am in London now, so let´s talk about London

Watch the video to learn some interesting facts about London

A pretty paper flower centerpiece

DIY: Paper flowers for this weekend

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It was really hard to pick just one project, so here are all other paper flower projects :-)

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Article: Visit the Aalsmeer Flower Auction near Amsterdam Schiphol

Read this article to learn about Flower Auction in Holland
Q: What do you think is the most interesting fact?

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Flowers: Learn English terms for these beautiful flowers


Story: The Garden

Watch the video to see if the story is happyend.